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Gulf Operators is continuing and striving towards promoting and participating in renewable energy projects.

As the demand for wind, solar and other forms of renewable energy continue to increase, so will the demand for the infrastructure to support these industries.

Gulf Operators has become a key player in delivering and supporting the construction of infrastructure for the renewable energy sector such as: building roads, culvert/bridges, concrete foundations, providing survey layout, and project management support.

As recently as 2019, Gulf Operators was a pivotal contractor in building roads and concrete foundations to support the Wocawson Energy Project located near Penobsquis, New Brunswick. This project included 5 wind turbines, which required over 8 kilometers of road construction to allow access for mobile equipment and materials to assemble the units.  In addition to the road construction, Gulf Operators also constructed the substation foundations required to deliver the renewable wind energy to the main power grid.